Affordable House Cleaning & Maid Services throughout Columbus OH

At Exclusive Maid Service, we assign one housekeeper or a team of 2 maids to perform your home cleaning. We will dispatch the same housekeeper or team each visit. If your housekeeper is unavailable the day of your scheduled house cleaning we will contact you prior to sending a new maid. Our cleaning technicians perform best with their own equipment and cleaning products. But, we do understand that the care and personal preferences vary in each household. If you require a specific product or prefer we use your vacuum please advise us prior to service. We depend on your input to determine the safest technique and products to use. Your home will be expertly cleaned each visit and any special instructions provided by you will be adhered to.

Simply tell us what you want in a maid service and we'll do our best to meet your needs. Exclusive Maid Service will perform each duty listed within our service plan each visit UNLESS you request otherwise.

And remember . . . even if your budget does not allow for maid services on a regular basis, a thorough home cleaning on an occasional basis is an affordable housekeeping option without the commitment.
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