Exclusive Maid Service - Testimonial

Looking for a great home cleaning service? Use the trusted local experts in keeping your home clean! See what a Columbus, OH local has to say about our service
Exclusive Maid Service - Testimonial
This company offers a very good financial deal - customers like me get a great clean at a reasonable cost/price; quality for a fair price is not something that we can take for granted! Therefore, I'm happy to recommend this company to any other person who is interested in such a service. Thank you.
I asked myself "what's the catch?" when I received my quote. Your company was $15 cheaper per week than what I was currently paying. I thought it was just another too good to be true scenario. Boy was I wrong! Your service is awesome and now I can afford to tip the team too! Thanks for a job well done!
— D. Kirk Pickerington, Ohio
The gold team are extremely hard working, dedicated to all my wants and need, and are always on time. I never have to have them go back over anything, and I am always satisfied with every cleaning.
I just wanted to express my appreciation for the best maid service around. I've tried other companies and they don't measure up. You guys accommodate my schedule changes and take care of my additional requests without making me feel guilty. I will continue to use and recommend your service without hesitation.
— J. Schueller
Okay guys, I digress. I have been checking every nook and cranny for the past several months and to my surprise they're all clean. Please convey my appreciation to the team that takes such wonderful care of my home.
— T. Millford Canal Winchester, Ohio
I had been struggling with the idea of dismissing the company that maintained my home each week. Then I received a door hanger from Exclusive Maid...cheaper price, more service, same workers, guaranteed. I thought too good to be true but worth a one time try. I have had Platinum Team, Silver Team & Bronze Team clean my home. Figured I would try a few different teams and keep the best. It came down to a coin toss, they are equally fabulous!
— Carol M.
I can't sing the praises of the silver team enough. The girls are perfectionists in every way. My home is full of ornate objects and antiques which require knowledge and attention to detail. The girls know how and what to do without my hand holding. Always on time, extremely polite and well suited for the job at hand.