What Really Makes Exclusive Maid Columbus Superior?

We custom tailor our housekeeping services to meet the needs of each residential cleaning customer in Columbus and Central Ohio. We provide all of the house cleaning & maid services offered by our local cleaning competitors.....We just do them better and for less.

Professional House Cleaning Technicians And Maids

Our home cleaning technicians are not trained in our customers' homes. We feel it is unfair to charge a professional maid service rate for untrained housekeepers. We recruit experienced cleaning technicians only. We evaluate their ability to meet our expectations prior to dispatching him/her to a customer's home. We closely monitor the performance of all Exclusive Maid Service representatives to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

Exclusive Maid Service offers above-industry pay and other performance incentives to encourage a long-term commitment.
Each representative of Exclusive Maid Service maintains control of his/her work schedule. Our maids will never rush through your home cleaning as we support a schedule to meet the demands of their family and lifestyle.

Exclusive Maid Service is Pet Friendly

We understand the needs of a pet owner may differ from a household without one. We will work hard to build a relationship with both you and your pet. Please advise us in advance if bribery with treats may upset your pets diet.

No Contracts Or Hidden Fees

Our policy pertaining to fees is quite simple.Your house cleaning, maid service fee is due upon service. $49 NSF fee for any returned check for your house cleaning. $50 Lock Out Fee if we are unable to gain entry to your home to provide your housekeeping service. We understand that life is ever changing and we are happy to accommodate any schedule change required for your housekeeping service with advance notice.

Accurate Arrival Times

Time is a precious commodity. If you require a specific arrival time for your home cleaning service, just let us know. We will try our best to accommodate.

Misc Services:

Specialty Senior Requests; Place waste cans curbside, return waste cans to garage. Discard expired food, medication, consumables. Change light bulbs, and much more.

Limited laundry services; Wash towels & linens. Fold or hang pre-washed laundry & put away.

Home prep for realty showings and for sale by owner; Arrive before showing to provide entry, open blinds, turn on all lights, freshen air, and lock up when showing is complete.

Home monitoring for customers out of town; Collect mail / packages, walk pets, replenish pet food & water, etc.

Organization of closets, kitchen cabinetry, garage.